All BEPI microbial products are natural, non-pathogenic, and are not genetically engineered. They were developed by research and development laboratories and are manufactured under strict quality guidelines with batch and lot control. No special clothing or equipment is necessary to handle the product. These products meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for release into the environment. Our microbial products are so safe the EPA chooses not to monitor them.

Remediation of environmental pollution requires a broad range of technologies. The oldest of these is bioremediation, a natural process in which microbes reduce organic substances to water and carbon dioxide. Because indigenous bacteria are not always sufficient or suitable, the majority of bioremediation projects benefit from the addition of our Specialized Microbes for bioremediation of the products from oil spills.

Using proprietary methods, our scientists isolate different strains of microbes that work together to degrade specific contaminants. Because site conditions and types of contamination vary greatly, our products include only microbes capable of surviving and thriving in difficult environmental situations. Treatment processes include in situ or ex situ projects, waste minimization, bioreactors, sludge lagoons, land farming, soil washing, pump and treat, and tank cleaning.

In large wastewater systems, ponds and lagoons, BEPI Microbes improve operating efficiency by reducing sludge and grease, alleviating shock-loading problems, and controlling odor. In septic systems, our patented product Septic Sam®, prevents back-up and drain field clogging.

Food processors (breweries, distilleries, meat, poultry, dairy, oil, and grain) use our products to maintain efficient activity in treatment systems and waste lagoons and to control odour. At food service facilities and restaurants, our products control odour and prevent problems in grease traps, pipes, and drain lines.

BEPI has also developed a specialized product line for hog, dairy, cattle and poultry operations. The products are used for increased animal health, odor control, sludge digestion and increased efficiency of a farm’s wastewater system.

BEPI understands the complex issues faced by oil field production and has developed Microbial products utilized throughout the world to produce significant changes in the oil production factors that determine overall success. BEPI products have been utilized by many well-known oil producers for the following applications:

Welbore Region:
Soaking treatments that clear perforations, remove skin damage, clear tubing and perform thorough well clean up that persists for months at a time.

Daily Production:
Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) increases daily production averages, impact formation flow characteristics, initialize flow, mobilize heavy fractions and increase net oil production.

Well Head:
Control of paraffin, corrosion, and scale in producing oil wells, as well as in MEOR.

Above Ground Production Facilities:
Keeps tanks, separators, and flow lines clean, as well as in water flooding treatment.

Enhancing relative permeability in the fracturing zone, gel breaking, occult hydrocarbon deposition in the formation, emulsion breakout. The products are non-pathogenic, non-corrosive, safe to handle and ready to use from the container. They are compatible with most non-toxic fracturing materials.